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M!A: currently accepting
You're walking through a barren land. The Sky is red and the ground black, lava spews from the ground randomly and bones, corpses, and still barely living human souls writhe on the ground where there isn't lava. Looking around you can see make shift homes, and eyes peering out of darkened window hungrily. Near by you see a castle, pure black with windows barely illuminated, and guards seemingly made of bone and cloth alone, stand.

It is hot, unbearably hot. The black ground beneath you burn your feet and makes them bleed painfully. You can feel eyes staring at you, and hear foot steps behind you, but when you turn to look; there is no one there. suddenly a phantom hand is lain on your shoulder, and a soft, silky, welcoming voice whispers in your ear; "Welcome to Hell."

((Please, at the very least, read the about page before asking to role play. I will to with just about anyone but I have a few rules and things you Should know. Thank you.))

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